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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 27, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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website debacle has been well reported. the software has been so glitchy, many like this home health care provider have been unable to sign up for insurance. i don'torried because know what is going to happen. >> this person had the same experience and had to find private coverage. >> when the whole thing started, i thought it was a good idea. then i tried to get on the maryland system and couldn't. >> now for the first time, estimates of how much more the troubled $200 million website will cost taxpayers. state budget the officials revealed an estimated $30.5 million over the next 18 months because of just one bug in the system. >> my problems will cost me money, even though i had to go to another place. i find that upsetting. >> the glitch exposed today has to do with the system's inability to track which medicaid except ash medicaid
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recipient no longer qualified for the benefit because their income has gone up, but it is just one glitch in the system that needs to be fixed. out eveneport points after firing the contractor that created the mess, the state still has no plan as to how to fix it. >> they should have done their homework better. >> tax dollars are being wasted like that. it's not working. try something different. you don't keep throwing money into something that is not working. >> this is just one of the problems the website has had. this point it is impossible to say ultimately how much money this will cost, how much money will have been wasted because, as we have said, the state has not decided how to fix it yet. brad bell, abc 7 news. >> attorney general eric holder is back at home tonight after spending part of the day in hospital. he was taken to medstar washington hospital as a precaution after feeling faint,
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short of breath during a meeting with senior staff. he spent several hours in the hospital over going into valuation. another frigid night coming to the area with dangerous temperatures and the windchill. chief meteorologist doug hill has a look at the specifics. hi, doug. >> the combination of unseasonably cold air and gusty wind makes it uncomfortable. 33, clear skies outside of the belfort furniture weather center. live from arlington, beautiful evening. artie five degrees, but the wind at reagan national at 26 miles per hour, so a cold night tonight. 27 hagerstown, still mild south of the metro area. these are the forecast lows for the morning air temperatures. and frederick, 11 degrees at bwi thurgood marshall stop 20 of sunshine after a very cold start. we'll have a day filled with sunshine, start to finish, but
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the highs will be at least 20 degrees below average. 26 to 32, about as cold as it ever gets here at the end of february. we have a storm possible on monday. a lot to discuss when we return. 7 has learned the 91-year-old holocaust survivor killed while crossing a busy montgomery county intersection had just 20 seconds to cross nine lanes of traffic. walker,anski, he used a died when the school bus hit him at the intersection of route 29 silver spring.n he lost his family when nazis invaded minsky 1939, but later joined the russian resistance. he had just spoke about his struggles at the holocaust museum. >> a day of rapid developments in the ukraine. some fear could be laying the groundwork for a new cold war.
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they raised a russian flag the prime area. russia granted asylum to the ukrainian president, who will address the media to marvel stop all of this as the ukrainian parliament selected a new prime and mr.. -- to selected a new prime minister. the ukraine closer to a european union, but they are struggling to maintain relations with russia. issident viktor yanukovych reportedly holed up in a russian area outside of moscow. yanukovych'stor top rival was released from prison over the weekend. she had been convicted of charges she had abused her political power. although some consider her the top contender for the presidency, to whether she is a deeply polarizing figure. >> she has been a very fiery
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orator and in the process has alienated some people in the ukraine. this partner at a law firm had been trying to secure her release from prison since 2011. i think she is a person who now believes for a strongly that the rhetoric of the past will not serve now. what the country needs is really a commitment to bind up the thisn's wounds and end mindless cycle of revenge. flexingvladimir hooton military ash with vladimir putin flexing their military strength on the border, some say there could be war. >> she is a person who i believe right now has an historic opportunity to play a very significant role in leading this country through this difficult time. for her to do that, she has to be a voice of unity, she has to
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be a voice of reconciliation, and forgiveness. says in advance of his meeting with commission go -- of , hemeeting with timeshenko referenced the second inaugural address of lincoln and martin luther king's letter from the birmingham jail. >> interesting, gordon. virginia at home, congressman frank wolf is calling for a special investigation into revelations the fbi had a mole in osama bin laden's inner circle and the early 1990's. "washington times" or the news yesterday, including court documents showing the mold provided information that thwarted a terror tactic los angeles 20 years ago. that information was not included in the 9/11 commission report. congressman wolf says the panel
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will look into this new information. plants in the- works to give a well-known d.c. landmark a new name. tell could cost you if you power companies you do not want a smart meter on your home. foronight, a prayer vigil an arlington mother hit and killed by a dump truck. the police are >> arlington police are putting
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at a new call for potential witnesses to come forward to a deadly crash. onjennifer lawson died monday after a dump truck swiped a minivan while she was taking her child that of a car seat. tom roussey spoke with her pastor. this is really affected the entire community. and pastory has come says that most of the folks who go to little falls presbyterian live in the community, so what affects the church affects the community. he says everybody is devastated by the loss of jennifer lawson three days ago. here is a picture of lawson provided by her family. the pastor says she will be remembered for her bubbly personality. she was an avid runner, very well-liked in the church and the nottingham elementary school community. perhaps when she will best be remembered for is as a mother. she adored her three children,
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and the pastor said it was monday at 11:30 in the morning when she just put her youngest, two years old, into the family minivan. she was struck by a dump truck that took the door of the minivan off, the two-year-old was ok. however, loss and sustained injuries and died later that day at the hospital. ever since, the police have been investigating. tonight, the prayer vigil they are having at her church is to remember who she was and give folks a time to remember her and also grieve. the pastor talked about what he will miss most about lawson. warmwill remember her smile, the willingness to love her children and family so much. >> so many folks talked about the wonderful family person that she was. earlier today, arlington county police are still investigating what happened monday. they put out a call for more information. this sign on little falls road, asking anybody with information
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about exactly what happened on the dump truck to come forward. they believe there were two vehicles behind the dump truck that may have seen something and for whatever reason did not stop and stay at the scene until the police got there. were in thoseu vehicles, please call them because they would like more information as they continue their investigation. at this time they have not decided on whether the driver of the dump truck will be charged. live in arlington, tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> thank you, tom. new at six :00, john hinckley will soon be spending more time outside of a washington mental hospital. a judge set guidelines for hinckley to spend up to 17 days each month at his mother's home in williamsburg. this is beginning next month. his lawyer calls the order a milestone. hinckley was found to be insane when he shot and wanted president reagan in 1981. cost of the long-term
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telling power companies not to put smart meters on your home. hill has an update of the cold temperatures. >> the wizards head north of the border. the hoyas play the golden eagles in a must win. and cap sarin florida. sports is coming up.
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>> maryland utility customers who do not want smart meters at their home will have to pay a hefty price. the maryland utilities commission has signed off on two fees.t utilities can charge and the one time fee of $75 and a monthly $17.f $11 to the fee will become effective the first billing cycle after july 1. >> one of the most famous staircases in the district could have new neighbors. wtop is reporting a developer wants to put up a five story condo building next to the "exercised" steps in georgetown, the steep stairs.
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orcist" steps in georgetown. there will be a commission meeting on march 3. your home for news on the film industry. go to the oscar section of >> also home of the weather news, which is downright cold. >> tonight it is cold news. when threecould be weather news with snow, sleet, rain, all kinds of stuff. right now, a look at oakdale high school in times phil -- in amsville, frederick county, maryland, 31 degrees. odds of sunshine, but not very warm. clouds on the horizon right now, very clear and cold.
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the highboard, 43 today, 25 the morning low, well below the averages of 50 and 33 degrees. the latest temperatures right now, 31 at washington dulles, 35 at reagan national. is somewhat lower. that will be a problem tonight. we will have enough wind chill to drop into the single numbers in some places. feels like 22 in washington, 16 gaithersburg, 25 annapolis, and those values will drop. cleard of february, skies, brees, into the teens and single digits. the windchill by the morning will be in the single digits as well. the core of the cold air coming in from the plains and upper midwest and the lakes, gusty wind. the pressure continues to build behind the front. bright and sunny but very cold tomorrow, the temperatures in the upper 20's, low 30's. bottom line, tomorrow, about 20 degrees below average. a full day of sunshine at the
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end of february, only climbing into the 20's, that is kind of a rare thing to see around here. they'll be the story. we warm up by the weekend. by the end of the weekend, what is happening in the pacific ocean will be the weather maker. the storm center will bring valuable rain to california the next couple days, but across the country in our neighborhood, towards very late sunday night, monday through the day. just log onto all kinds of and for mission about the storm, what could happen, we'll could not happen, the difficulty figuring out whether he could be rain or snow. we will be working on that the next several days. we climate of the single digits, upper 20's most areas tomorrow, lots of sunshine but very cold. 43 saturday. sunday, clouds and 46, with rain possible late. peterson, yourdon should have gotten a copyright on this, gordon peterson's dreaded wintry mix on monday.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> all right, the sochi olympics are in the history books, the nhl moves into the run for the playoffs. the caps going for their ninth win in their last 10 games against the panthers. all eyes will be on alex ovechkin and nicklas backstrom to see how they respond to the disappointment from the olympics. remain, so every game is magnified. holtby will be between the pipes. the caps are on the outside looking in at the playoff qualifiers. that we are on the outside looking in. we have to win each game and that is the approach we will take. we are not going to worry about it. in torontords play tonight, the raptors trying to get into the playoffs for the first time in six years. wizards have not made the playoffs since 2008 and they are
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trying to qualify without nene, who is out six weeks because of the knee injury. the georgetown hoyas are 16-11, the big east. tonight they play against marquette, the golden eagles, and this game is big for both ballclubs trying to get into the tournament. >> normally we would be comfortable right now, but it is what it is. we just have to go out and do that. >> at this point, we control our own destiny. we still have a chance to finish strong, do some good things. right now we just have to take care of marquette. raleigh last night, instant classic, carolina trailing by one against n.c. state. marcus page, down main street. puts it in at the buzzer. hello, thriller, tobacco road! the tar heels in the most electric atmosphere i have seen this year. the nationals open their
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exhibition season tomorrow night at port st. lucie tomorrow afternoon. newman should matt williams makes his debut, just over 30 days until the real opener in new york -- new manager matt williams makes his debut. the play of the day, in the kitchen, chasing down more than the can of corn, showing the spacious kitchen. hed on, that is not an ad, just caught it in front of the poster. front of the picture on the outfield wall, and that is the picture of the day. padres, the san diego are offering season tickets to anybody who can hit a home run at petco park. here is the deal, doug, they get the pitchingrom machine and it has to go over the wall at petco. >> you can just hit the pole? >> wikia made? -- what you mean? >> >> a man lies dying on a
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sidewalk, but instead of trying to save his life, and firefighters accused of hiding to read in his bunk. now andh about it the story, right after "ghetto" at 11:00. -- right after "scandal" at 11:00. between five and 16 degrees in the morning. saturday, a little better, back into the 40's with clouds and rain late in the day, highs in the 40's. monday is the day we could have a winter storm, but too early to talk about. probably a winter remix. >> abc world news is coming up next. >>
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welcome to "world news." tonight, washout. 1,000 homes ordered to evacuate tonight. the big storm on the west coast, threatening mud and floods. already, accidents on slippery roads. and will the sandbags and barricades hold off the possibility of slides like this? attention, shoppers. for the first time in 20 years, a major change on those labels at the grocery store. and "real money." is this the most unsellable house in america? we'll show you lessons for everyone looking to make money on selling your home. can a doorknob make all the difference?


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